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Joshua Young

Portrait of Joshua Young
Deputy Commissioner of Management Analysis & Planning; 2015 NIJ LEADS Law Enforcement Officer
New York City Department of Corrections

New York, NY

Joshua Young was appointed Deputy Commissioner of Management Analysis & Planning in April 2022. Deputy Commissioner (DC) Young will be responsible for operational procedures and agency-wide policies that impact department operations as well as develop and assess budget and resource needs for critical department-wide programs, directing and overseeing in-depth analysis, reporting, and the dissemination of statistics related to the agency’s goals and objectives. furthermore, DC young will act as the department’s liaison with the mayor’s office and oversee and direct the preparation of management reports containing detailed quantitative analysis of key statistical indicators monitored by the mayor’s office.

DC Young has delivered large-scale transformation initiatives in every major branch of the criminal justice system. DC Young brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that includes; developing technological solutions and evidence based strategies to improve jail operations and services. Before joining the department, DC Young was the Deputy Senior Vice President of Justice Initiatives for the Center for Policing Equity (CPE). DC Young was responsible for strategic planning, leading cross-functional initiatives, organizational design, and change management in this position.

Mr. Young also served as a police supervisor, SWAT Operator, and Undercover Detective in Southern California. DC Young was the first known line-level police officer to successfully integrate a major randomized controlled trial (RCT) within a policing organization. This mega-study was one of the largest multi-site RCTs in the history of criminal justice research.

DC Young graduated with a master’s degree in Applied Criminology and Police Management from The University of Cambridge (U.K.). He is also an Executive Fellow at the National Police Foundation, and a LEADS scholar with the National Institute of Justice.

Date Created: July 17, 2015