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Jennifer Hall

Portrait of Jennifer Hall, 2021 NIJ LEADS Scholar
Sergeant, 2021 NIJ LEADS Scholar
Louisville Metro Police Department

Louisville, KY

Jennifer Hall has served the citizens of Louisville for the past 15 years in multiple roles for the Louisville Metro Police Department. She is currently assigned to the Career Development Unit as well as being the Police Training Officer Coordinator, which is part of the LMPD Training Division. Prior to this assignment, Sergeant Hall was a detective in the Crimes Against Children Unit.

She holds a BS in Criminal Justice from Eastern Kentucky University, a MA in Sociology from the University of Louisville, and a PhD in Applied Sociology from the University of Louisville. Her dissertation was a case study that examined the efficacy of a community policing initiative piloted by LMPD, which focused on the interconnectivity between public perception of law enforcement and the police perception of public opinion. Sergeant Hall has ambitions to pursue research that surrounds police training and curriculum reformation, focusing on new officers and their learning, their ability to communicate effectively, and decision-making skills. With a passion for law enforcement training, Sergeant Hall hopes to have an impact on mindset, officer intervention, and police culture.

Date Created: July 28, 2021