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Harvey Sham

Harvey Sham
Sergeant, New York City Police Department; 2022 NIJ LEADS Law Enforcement Officer
New York City Police Department

New York, NY

Sergeant Harvey Sham currently works in the Office of Management Analysis and Planning (OMAP) of the New York City Police Department (NYPD). OMAP’s core function is to propose policies, strategies, programs, organizational structures, and staffing analyses to maintain maximum effectiveness of the agency. Sergeant Sham is assigned to various projects within the unit, including the Department-wide staffing analysis and the agency’s efforts towards accreditation. Prior to working in OMAP, he played an integral role in establishing the Gun Violence Strategies Partnership (GVSP), which has garnered national attention. The GVSP brings every aspect of law enforcement and prosecution to bear on the those who commit serious gun violence in New York City, and leverages timely evidentiary data to aid investigators in open cases and provide leads to proactively combat firearms trafficking. He has also worked in a number of enforcement and specialty commands, including as a detective in the Special Victims Division and an instructor in the Counterterrorism Division.

Sergeant Sham holds a Master of Criminal Justice in Investigative Techniques with an Advanced Certificate in Terrorism Studies from the City University of New York – John Jay College. His hope is to combine data analytics and policy research to properly inform agency executives in vital decision-making processes at all levels.

Date Created: August 22, 2022