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Erik Halvorson

Portrait of Erik Halvorson, 2023 NIJ LEADS Scholar
Special Agent, Head Quarters Operations Officer; 2023 NIJ LEADS Law Enforcement Officer
US Department of Energy, Office of Inspector General

Erik Halvorson currently serves as an Operations Officer focused on anti-fraud program management for the US Department of Energy’s new funding expenditures within the Office of Investigations. This includes interfacing with DOE OIG’s analytics division where he supports work on a national proactive strategy and national inter- and intra-agency outreach. As an agent, he specialized in financial fraud and public corruption investigations with prosecutions in jurisdictions across the country. He has 17 years of federal law enforcement experience including both domestic and international work. Erik enjoys using advanced analysis techniques to proactively detect and investigate fraud. A Columbia University graduate, he holds degrees in criminal justice, accounting, and applied analytics. He is currently enrolled in a PhD program in Research Methods and Statistics at University of Denver. His dissertation will focus on text mining and sentiment analysis as a method to help inform emergency responses.

Finally, Erik started a small veteran owned business to tackle individual research projects and support businesses and non-profits with psychometrics, analytics, statistical analyses, program evaluations, research, and anti-fraud consulting. 

Date Created: August 8, 2023