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Curtis Cheeks, III

Portrait of Curtis Cheeks III, 2023 NIJ LEADS Scholar
Assistant Chief, 2023 NIJ LEADS Scholar
High Point Police Department

High Point, NC

Curtis Cheeks III has served with the High Point Police Department for 21 years. He holds a Bachelor's Degree from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke and a Master's Degree from Florida Metropolitan University. He also attended the 144th session of the Southern Police Institute’s Administrative Officers Course and is an FBI LEEDA Trilogy recipient. He is currently the Assistant Chief of the Support Services Division. The Support Services Division oversees the department's Training officers, Recruiting officers, Emergency Management functions, Human Resource functions, Real Time Crime Center staff, Records/IT section, and Equipment personnel.

Prior to his current assignment, Major Cheeks served as Commander of the Investigations Section (Major Crimes), Lieutenant over the Strategic Intelligence Unit, Community Engagement Unit, Public Information Office, and Field Training Supervisor. He also has experience as a Recruiting Officer, Field Training Officer, and Vice/Narcotics Detective. Throughout his career, he has been actively involved as a state-certified criminal justice instructor, and the department's implementation and continued efforts of focused deterrence in the areas of open-air drug markets, domestic violence, and violence related to gun crime.

His research interests include personnel recruitment, selection, and retention, leadership development, gun crime detection and prevention, and updating response practices to meet redefined expectations.

Date Created: August 8, 2023