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Ashleigh N. Wojslawowicz

Portrait of Ashleigh N. Wojslawowicz, 2023 NIJ LEADS Scholar
Research Manager; 2023 NIJ LEADS Civilian
Charleston County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council / Charleston County Department of Public Safety

Charleston, SC

Dr. Ashleigh Wojslawowicz serves as the Research Manager for the Charleston County’s Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC) in Charleston, SC. In this role, she champions data-driven policy and practice in all areas of the local criminal justice system by partnering alongside system stakeholders to develop evidence-based strategies rooted in public safety. Prior to her role with the CJCC, Dr. Wojslawowicz served as a Master Crime Scene Investigator with the Charleston Police Department. During her twelve-year involvement with the agency, she spearheaded evidence-based practices and data application in the areas of community engagement, recruitment, retention, and forensics. Dr. Wojslawowicz’s research efforts have been highlighted internationally through multiple professional organizations (IACP, ASEBP), media platforms, and publications. 

Dr. Wojslawowicz is a three-time graduate of Charleston Southern University (B.S., ‘10; M.S., ‘13; EdD ‘21) and a member of the university’s first graduating doctoral cohort. She is a Subject Matter Expert and Instructor for the National Center for Biomedical Research and Training through Louisiana State University, Principal Researcher for the Stono Group, LLC, and an adjunct faculty member of the Michael Sattler School of Public Service at Truett McConnell University. Her research interests include law enforcement recruitment, retention, and applied research methodology.

Date Created: August 8, 2023