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DART Mass Spectrometry

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The purpose of this workshop is to introduce the student to the multiple applications of direct analysis in real time (DART) mass spectrometry (MS) within forensic analysis. The student will receive a general introduction to DART MS as well as instruction on its application in the fields of drug analysis, forensic toxicology, trace evidence analysis, and ink analysis. The workshop includes both lecture and laboratory sessions to illustrate the applications presented.

The general introduction will include mass calibration and deriving elemental compositions from the observed spectra. The drug analysis instruction will include collision-induced dissociation (CID) MS and library searching to identify drugs. The toxicology module will cover both urine and blood screening techniques. The trace evidence session will include explosive residue on common items and tricks for identifying unknown materials. The ink analysis module will include dealing with interference from paper and the effects of age of the writing.

Date Created: April 1, 2014