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Identity theft

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International Organized Crime: Recent Developments in Policy and Research

June 2010

Since 2008, DOJ has been reviewing its policies and programs on international organized crime, with the goal of strengthening law enforcement's response to this threat. In this NIJ Conference Panel, the speakers will explore how DOJ and other U.S. government agencies are responding to it. Attendees will learn more about the Attorney General's Organized Crime Council, the International Organized Crime Intelligence and Operations Center, and the recent National Intelligence Estimate on International Organized Crime.

Research and Evaluation on Identity Theft and Services to Victims of Identity Theft

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This solicitation seeks to build knowledge and evidence related to strategies, practices, and programs that serve victims of identity theft. The overall purpose of these services is to help victims minimize the damage, restore the security of their accounts and personal information, and recover from the experience. This funding will support research and evaluation projects that build knowledge about the consequences of identity theft and improve the quality of services to victims of identity theft.