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Fellowship Programs

W.E.B DuBois Fellowship Program 2006

Closing Date

The W.E.B. DuBois Fellowship Program seeks to advance the field of knowledge regarding the confluence of crime, justice, and culture in various societal contexts. DuBois Fellows will be asked to focus on policy-relevant questions in a manner that truly reflects their saliency as an integral part of the American past, present, and, increasingly, its future. The Fellowship places particular emphasis on crime, violence, and the administration of justice in diverse cultural contexts.

Graduate Research Fellowship, Fiscal Year 2007

Closing Date

The Graduate Research Fellowship is an NIJ annual program that provides dissertation research support to outstanding doctoral students undertaking independent research on issues related to crime and justice. Students from any academic discipline are encouraged to apply and propose original research that has direct implications for criminal justice. NIJ encourages diversity in approaches and perspectives in its research programs. NIJ awards these fellowships in an effort to encourage doctoral students to contribute critical and innovative thinking to pressing criminal justice problems.

Graduate Research Fellowship, Fiscal Year 2020

Closing Date
The Graduate Research Fellowship (GRF) program provides grants to accredited academic institutions to support outstanding doctoral students whose dissertation research is relevant to criminal justice.