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Civil Protection Order Enforcement

October 2009

T.K. Logan discusses her study that looked at the impact of civil protective orders for domestic violence victims in five Kentucky jurisdictions. Civil protective orders, sometimes known as restraining orders, may cover various situations, such as ordering an assailant to avoid a victim's home and workplace or forbidding any contact with the victim, including by mail or telephone.

The National Broadband (Communications) Plan: Issues for Public Safety

June 2011

The Federal Communications Commission delivered the National Broadband Plan in March 2010. As part of the plan, the FCC proposed a strategy for implementing a national public safety broadband network that would allow public safety responders anywhere in the nation to send and receive critical voice, video and data to save lives, reduce injuries, and prevent acts of crime and terror. How this strategy is implemented will have a significant impact on criminal justice and other public safety agencies nationwide, both with respect to operational capability and to resources.

NIJ FY 14 National Law Enforcement Corrections and Technology Center (NLECTC) System Small, Rural, Tribal and Border (SRTB) Regional Center

Closing Date
NIJ seeks proposals for funding to host the Small, Rural, Tribal, and Border (SRTB) Regional Center within the National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center (NLECTC) system. The primary role of SRTB center has been to provide technology assistance to SRTB law enforcement agencies. This was mainly accomplished by providing them access to information on tools and technologies that may meet their unique operational needs. NIJ now seeks to change how the center carries out its duties and expand its focus.