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TECHBeat, December 2019

Date Published
December 2019
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Report (Technical Assistance), Report (Grant Sponsored), Report (Annual/Periodic), Program/Project Description

Sentinel Events Initiative: A Compiled Bibliography

The National Institute of Justice has compiled a bibliography of journal articles, news stories, and other resources relevant to the Sentinel Events Initiative. The bibliography includes close to 1,000 citations, most with abstracts and links to the complete publications.[1]

NIJ has compiled these citations with the goal of creating a centralized platform for publications related to the Sentinel Events Initiative. The bibliography will be...

Third Progress Report: NIJ's Response to "Strengthening the National Institute of Justice"

Message from NIJ Director John H. Laub in response to the report Strengthening the National Institute of Justice by the Committee on Assessing the Research Program of the National Institute of Justice at the National Research Council.

Responding to the NRC Report

This page provides updates on our response to the results of an evaluation by The National Academy of Sciences's National Research Council that...

Researcher-Practitioner Partnerships

Thank you, and good morning. My name is Howard Spivak and I am the Principal Deputy Director of the National Institute of Justice, NIJ.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, NIJ is the research, development, and evaluation agency of the U.S. Department of Justice. We use science to inform and advance criminal justice policies and practices across the country. To do this, we provide...

Custody Evaluation in Domestic Violence Cases

June 2009

Panelists will examine practices, beliefs and recommendations of professional and custody evaluators in domestic violence cases. Panelists will discuss current NIJ studies that use both qualitative and quantitative methods to assess the impact of personal attitudes and beliefs on custody evaluation.

Safeguarding Houses of Worship

Date Published
January 2019
Publication Type
Report (Technical Assistance), Report (Grant Sponsored), Program/Project Description, Overview Text

About the NIJ Office of the Deputy Director

The Office of the Deputy Director and its three divisions are responsible for operations, communications, and grants management. 

The Deputy Director is the primary integrating and strategic focal point of the NIJ staff. The Deputy Director oversees the activities of three divisions: Operations, Communications, and Grants Management. The Deputy Director also assists the NIJ Director and Principal Deputy Director with other management aspects of NIJ staffing, programs, and...