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Terrorism Studies: Finding and Applying the Best Research

June 2009

In the post-Sept. 11 era, criminal justice and homeland security professionals have been bombarded with a flood of studies on terrorism. Some of the best researchers in the field provide a practical session on evaluating terrorism studies. What should the inquisitive professional look for when presented with different methods? How can professionals publish what they see and engage experts in the field?

NIJ FY 12 Violent Victimization Among Racial and Ethnic Minorities

Closing Date
NIJ seeks proposals for research on the violent victimization experiences of racial and ethnic minorities. NIJ's goal is to advance the body of research on this topic by examining the causes and correlates of differential victimization rates among these diverse populations, including demographic and socioeconomic risk factors. The research should take into account the argument that there is no single cause of violent victimization.