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Using Research To Understand Cyberbullying

Date Published
October 2016
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Technical Assistance, Report (Technical Assistance), Report (Grant Sponsored), Instructional Material (Programmed)

Cell Phones in Prison

June 2010

Criminals are using cell phones illegally in prisons and jails to conduct their business and intimidate witnesses. Although technology solutions to this problem are available, they can create new challenges, such as legal and implementation issues associated with cell phone use in correctional facilities. Panelists will discuss various aspects to consider from how prisoners use cell phones, to day-to-day and operational aspects, to legal and regulatory concerns.

International Trends in Fighting Child Pornography

June 2009

This NIJ Conference Panel brings together American and European practitioners using innovative approaches to thwart the sharing of child pornography online. The panel will highlight two efforts. The first, which NIJ's International Center is evaluating, is a European multilateral project that teams criminal investigators with international nongovernmental organizations and Internet service providers (ISPs) to block access to child pornography sites. The second effort seeks to prevent child pornographers from accessing credit card and other online payment systems.

NIJ FY 13 Research and Evaluation on the Impact of Social Media on Policing

Closing Date

NIJ seeks proposals for research that will explore the impact of the current state of social media technology on police practices and outcomes. Although social media technology is now ubiquitous in our society and particularly within law enforcement agencies, it is unclear how this technology is being used by departments, both officially and unofficially, and how this use has translated into public safety outcomes.