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Final Activities Report

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The 5-year plan of the Kentucky State Police's Forensic Laboratory (KSPFL) to convert traditional serological methods to DNA-based techniques is being implemented in phases.
The first year was dedicated to training existing staff to meet or exceed minimum education levels mandated by national standards for DNA analysts. In addition, instrumentation was installed to improve short tandem repeat analysis by fluorescence detection. Statistical calculation of the probability of a match between two DNA profiles is the basis of analysis performed by the KSPFL. All DNA analysis results will be included in a Combined DNA Indexing System, a comprehensive computer software package that allows a forensic laboratory to compile DNA profile data bases of convicted sex offenders, forensic casework, missing persons, and population data. Scanning computer image technology has been installed to facilitate the imaging of autoradiographs. Limitations associated with the training of serologists in DNA analysis techniques are noted.

Date Published: January 1, 1998