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Postconviction Testing of DNA Evidence Grant Program


In fiscal 2020, all state and local forensic capacity enhancement programs previously administered by NIJ, including this program, moved to the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA). See "Forensic Science Programs" from BJA.

Since the advent of forensic DNA analysis, a growing number of Americans convicted of violent crimes have been exonerated through DNA analysis of evidence that was untested at the time of trial. New technologies have increased the likelihood of successful DNA analysis of aged, degraded, limited, or otherwise compromised biological evidence. As a result, crime scene samples once thought to be unsuitable for testing may now yield viable DNA profiles. Moreover, samples that had previously generated inconclusive DNA results may be amenable to reanalysis using newer methods.

NIJ provides funding to help defray the costs (e.g., of additional personnel, overtime, testing supplies, and services) associated with postconviction DNA testing for violent felony offenses (as defined by State law) in which actual innocence might be demonstrated. Funds may be used to review suitable postconviction cases and to locate and analyze biological evidence. Only a limited portion of funds may be used for case identification activities

When applying for funding under this program, review carefully the full text of the solicitation. When the solicitation is open, it will be listed on NIJ's Current Funding page.

As the specific requirements and goals of the program may change from year to year, any review of past solicitations should be for general information only.

The table below shows the total number and value of awards by fiscal year. Select any fiscal year to find information on that year's program and a list of the awards.

Program Results by Fiscal Year
Fiscal year Total No. Awards Total Award Value
2019 11 $5,450,812
2018 9 $5,449,201
2017 6 $3,313,287
2016 7 $3,596,910
2015 8 $3,555,053
2014 5 $3,593,453
2013 7 $3,827,311
2012 5 $3,546,504
2011 6 $7,429,009
2010 4 $1,565,911
2009 9 $9,854,562
2008 5 $7,821,741
Totals 82 $59,003,754
Date Created: October 30, 2013