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Regional Fentanyl Trends, Safety, and Field Testing Technology (part of the "Opioid Crisis: A Public Health Webinar Series")

Event Dates
Event Duration
1 hour

Regional fentanyl trends in Phoenix and Pittsburgh will be discussed along with safety concerns with unknown white powders. Handheld field testing technology will also be discussed including RAMAN and IMS.

This webinar will discuss trends in Phoenix and Pittsburgh for fentanyl, fentalogues, and other novel opioids. Yearly trends, types of packaging, and specific drugs will be discussed. One of the interesting differences between Phoenix and Pittsburgh is the type of heroin being encountered, black tar versus powder. This difference has an important impact on the fentanyl supply to these two areas and the form of fentanyl, pills vs. powder.

Contact Information

If you have questions about this course or difficulty with login or registration, contact the Forensic Science Technology Center of Excellence.

Event Type
Event Option(s)
Online, On demand
NIJ Forensic Technology Center of Excellence (RTI International)
Roger Schneider
Phoenix Police Department Laboratory Services Bureau
Joshua Yohannan
DEA Special Testing and Research Laboratory
Registration Status
​Free and open to all.
Date Created: February 15, 2018