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Promoting Reentry for Young Adults: Perspectives from the Field

A Second Chance Month 2023 Webinar
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This webinar will discuss the ways in which the process of reentry can be difficult for people returning to their communities from a custody setting. This experience is likely more challenging for young adults (18 – 24 years old) who are not fully developmentally mature, experience a high rate of unaddressed mental health symptoms and substance abuse, and a have a high rate of lifetime traumatic experiences.

Despite the risk factors associated with this population, recent research finds they are more amenable to treatment than older adults, thus making early intervention with justice-involved young adults particularly important. Panelists will discuss two ongoing randomized controlled trials of comprehensive trauma-based reentry programming for young, incarcerated males. The role of the practitioner partner in program implementation, successes and challenges in program delivery, and strategies to refine the intervention and its delivery in real-time will also be discussed.

Date Created: March 6, 2023