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John Collins

Forensic Science Policy and Management Advisor
RTI's Center for Forensic Sciences

John Collins was an invited presenter at an NIJ-sponsored event.

John Collins, MA, SPHR, is also a Forensic Science Policy and Management Advisor in RTI's Center for Forensic Sciences. He develops and coordinates research and business opportunities in the area of forensic science policy, administration, and technology. As an advisor, he supports current and future RTI forensic science research initiatives by connecting researchers with leaders and stakeholders in the forensic science and criminal justice communities. Mr. Collins worked as a practitioner and executive manager in federal, state, and local forensic science laboratories. As a formally certified Senior Professional in Human Resources and former director of one of the largest forensic laboratory systems in the United States, Mr. Collins is considered one of the foremost experts on leadership, quality assurance, and organizational development in forensic science laboratories.

Date Created: July 17, 2019