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About the NIJ Office of Grants Management

Overview of the Office of Grants Management

NIJ’s Office of Grants Management (OGM) supports the mission of NIJ through the management and administration of grants and cooperative agreements that fund much of NIJ’s important scientific work. Our professional grant managers work in conjunction with NIJ’s scientists and award recipients throughout the grant lifecycle to facilitate the successful completion of grant-funded projects.

Major Activities of the Office of Grants Management

OGM is a customer-focused organization designed to help NIJ funding recipients meet the performance objectives of their grants while maintaining compliance with important statutory, regulatory and agency rules and guidelines.

Each NIJ grant is assigned a grant manager who will provide award recipients with technical assistance and guidance by:

  • Developing and executing funding agreements with clear performance objectives and compliance requirements.
  • Providing feedback and approvals for required grant reports and other deliverables.
  • Reviewing, approving and appropriately documenting important changes to grant agreements.
  • Conducting in-depth, proactive grant monitoring activities, including on-site visits to grantee offices and project locations.
  • Trouble-shooting grantee questions and concerns that arise during the course of a grant award.
  • Reviewing documentation to confirm that all grant performance and compliance requirements have been met prior to award closeout.

Contact the NIJ Office of Grants Management

For questions regarding your grant award, please contact your assigned grant manager.

For additional information on NIJ’s grant-funding opportunities and grant application guidelines, please visit the NIJ current funding page.

For grant management resources and reference materials, please visit the Office of Justice Programs’ Funding Resource Center.

To contact NIJ:

Date Created: January 8, 2016